Michelin Guide recognizes two San Jose restaurants as “new discoveries”

In May 2023, two San Jose eateries — LeYou Ethiopian and Petiscos — were honored as the Michelin Guide’s “new discoveries” ahead of its annual Bib Gourmands and Stars announcement released later this year.

Side-by-side photos of LeYou Ethiopian (left) and Petiscos (right) dishes.

Congratulations to LeYou Ethiopian and Adega’s Petiscos.

What were we saying about San Jose’s culinary scene? Oh yeah, we’re crushing it.

This week, the Michelin Guide — a highly-respected series of guides that recognizes restaurants based on outstanding cooking and food quality — released 19 new California eateries as part of its “new discoveries” list.

Who represented the great 408? Two San Jose restaurants, actually:

🍽️ LeYou Ethiopian, 1100 N. First St.
The guide praises LeYou for chef + owner Aide Taye’s unique approach to Ethiopian cuisine — like how its kifto substitutes tuna for beef. Read more about the restaurant in our Ethiopian eateries guide.

🍽️ Petiscos by Adega, 399 S. First St.
This casual spin-off of Adega, one of San Jose’s only restaurants awrded a Michelin star, opened in the fall of 2020 and offers small-plate versions of high-end Portuguese food.

Congratulations to these two local businesses for bringing attention to our fantastic foodie scene.

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