Santa Clara startup unveils a new kind of flying car

Get you a car that can do both.

A flying car on its side soaring above forested mountains.

Beep beep.

Photo courtesy of Alef Aeronautics

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Picture this. You’re commuting on 101 during rush hour, and to make matters worse — there’s an accident blocking multiple lanes. Instead of sitting in this gridlock, you flip some switches and take off in your now-flying car.

It might sound like something out of “The Jetsons” — but flying cars aren’t new for Silicon Valley, thanks to local startups like Joby Aviation + Archer Aviation.

The difference? Santa Clara-based Alef Aeronauticsnewly unveiled design is the first to look like and have the capability to be driven as a traditional car. 🚗

Media footage of a press unveiling event featuring crowding photographing a silver, futuristic car.

Alef Aeronautics’ Oct. 20 press event turned a lot of heads.

Video via CNET Highlights

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The Model A will be an entirely electric vehicle with a 200-mile driving range + 110-mile flying range.

It can take off + land vertically, meaning that it could operate within the same infrastructure as traditional cars. When flown, the car rotates to its side, with seats pivoting to face forward. And yes, you would need a pilot’s license in addition to a driver’s license.

While the $300,000 Model A can only seat two people, Alef Aeronautics is working towards a Model Z, which will be a four-person sedan with twice the distance range, priced at $35,000 + scheduled for introduction by 2035.

A rendering of cars driving on the Bay Bridge, with flying cars commuting above the bridge in the air.

Could this be the future of Bay Area commuting?

Video rendering via Alef Aeronautics

💸 When can I buy one?

The Model A won’t be available until late 2025, but the company is already accepting pre-order deposits starting at $150 + up to $1,500 for a priority position in the queue.

Let us knowwould you take to the skies to avoid traffic? What are your thoughts on flying cars in San Jose?

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