Art designs unveiled for future East San Jose light rail stations

See what the Valley Transportation Authority is up to on the progress of its future light rail stations at Eastridge and Story Road.

A rendering of the Story Road light rail design concept.

Let’s see what three artists cooked up for the future East SJ light rail stations.

Photo via VTA

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Looks like plans are right on track.

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is currently reviewing art concept designs for two future light rail stations planned at Eastridge + Story Road — which is one of the last steps before construction begins.

Earlier this year, the VTA secured its last bit of funding, so now we get to get to the fun stuff: what’s it going to look like?

🚈 Let’s backtrack

VTA began selecting artists from a pool of 250 in 2021 to be reviewed by a panel of design professionals, other artists, and community members.

The artists Laura Haddad + Tom Drugan pictured on the left, and artist Amir Fallah on the right.

Meet your light rail station artists.

Photos via VTA

By January 2023, two artist groups were selected: Seattle-based team Laura Haddad + Tom Drugan and internationally-acclaimed Amir H. Fallah.

    🎨 Destination: Design

    Each artist had a mission to take inspiration from community meetings that were held earlier this year and represent San Jose’s culture in their designs.

    A collage of the station art design concept from Laura Haddad + Tom Druggan.

    This is Laura + Tom’s concept for the “Radiance” abstract sculpture.

    Photos via VTA

    Haddad and Drugan have created “Radiance” for the Eastridge Station, inspired by East San Jose’s agricultural history, natural environment, and the region’s golden natural light.

    The silver base nods to the historic Silver Creek, and the discs represent Santa Clara Valley’s abundance of fruit and flowers.

    Meant to be walked through, this sculpture changes appearance as you move around it.

    A collage of the Story Road light rail station art concepts.

    “Interwoven” is the title for Amir’s Story Road station design concept.

    Photos via VTA

    It’s name says it all — “Interwoven” created by Fallah for the Story Road Station, features an array of patterns + pictures drawing from cultures found in San Jose — Indigenous, Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, and Persian.

    Fallah will also commission local poets to submit lines of poetry that use themes of travel + journey to add to the station’s artwork.

    So what do you think? Let us know your thoughts about the project designs. Any questions concerning the Eastridge to Regional Connector Project can be directed to VTA.

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