Local South Bay food influencers to follow

Meet four prominent South Bay food influencers who explore the Bay Area’s unique food culture scene.

A hand holding a pork bun.

Esther Lee takes stunning photos of her foodie adventures.

Photo via @sanjosefoodmap

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It doesn’t take a local to know that our city is widely known for being an culinary hot spot.

Our foodie culture is second to none, so we’re highlighting some of the most prominent influencers making waves through the South Bay food scene.

Esther Lee, or @sanjosefoodmap, takes a look at noodles on her chopsticks.

Meet Esther Lee, the foodie behind @sanjosefoodmap.

Photo via @sanjosefoodmap

🍴 @sanjosefoodmap

You may have seen this SJ native — Esther Lee bartends for 55 South and began documenting her food journey in 2020. Get the digs on the best breakfast burrito in town, where to find Korean groceries, and the newest eateries opening up. Her recommendations focus on casual, tasty grub.

A GIF showing Rachel Ahn eating various foods.

It’s hard work being a foodie.

🍴 @siliconvalley.foodies

Sometimes, pictures don’t do it justice. Enter: Rachel Ahn. Her Reel-forward account — which boasts 66.5K followers, BTW — gives you a look into the vibe of local restaurants and her must-get dishes, which generally surround pastries, Asian cuisine, and dinner date spots. Her favorite part about SJ’s food culture? “Its working class roots and authentic cuisine made by immigrants.”

A GIF showing Alejandra Gonzales taking a bite of a large rib.

That’s one of the largest ribs we’ve seen.

🍴 @missfoodiebayarea

Have you ever wondered if that one food stand you pass by on Capitol is any good? Well, Alejandra Gonzalez has probably tried it. She highlights small Latino businesses that don’t usually get the recognition of other SJ eateries. But, she’s still inclusive — discover new seafood boils, premium meat markets, and even some homemade post-workout meals.

A GIF showing Jonathan Sahoo looking at a gigantic birria taco.

Do you think he ate all of that?

GIF via @sjfoodies

🍴 @sjfoodies

Meet Jonathan Sahoo, the man behind the mouthwatering shots of this foodie account. Find great boba recommendations, cuisines you may not be familiar with, and ginormous birria tacos. His favorite part about SJ’s food culture? “Its diversity. You can find virtually any cuisine from anywhere in the world right here in San Jose!”

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