Get munching on San Jose’s nacho superlatives

From best toppings to meatiest creations, check out this list of San Jose’s nacho offerings.

Three dishes on a table: A pile of nachos, three tacos, and a burrito.

Anyone else getting hungry?

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*Rumble, rumble.* That’s not an earthquake. It’s the sound of your stomach... hungry for something filling. Something delicious. Something you can convince yourself is slightly healthy because it has tomatoes on top.

For the days you’re craving chips piled high with cheese and toppings, check out our list of local nacho superlatives.

Best nacho cheese

Hoping for a no-frills dish with actual nacho cheese? Try Taqueria Milagro’s classic nachos with homemade tortilla chips, nacho cheese, pico, sour cream, and jalapeños.

Best toppings

Salsa fresca and cruda, crema, guacamole, black beans, queso fresco, and pickled jalapeños + carrots? Yeah, these nachos from LUNA Mexican Kitchen are loaded. Bonus: Add Mary’s Chicken Tinga or Niman Ranch Carnitas for even more deliciousness.


The Rednexican Nachos at Sauced BBQ pile on the brisket, pork, or burnt ends. Bonus: Veggie pals, try the nachos jackfruit-style.

Most unique combination

Nachos... but with fries. That’s what Above the Basics’ bowls are. Try loaded french fry bowls with protein options like carnitas, chicken, shrimp, and even a vegetarian choice.

A plate of nachos placed in front of a row of colorful Jarritos beverages.

Would it be cheesy to say this is nacho average nacho roundup?

Most loaded

If you’re hoping for a heaping plate, head to Loteria Taco Bar inside San Pedro Square Market. These nachos are piled high with all the classics: Cheese, cream, guacamole, pico, jalapeños + your choice of protein.

Best for “it’s 1 a.m. and I’m starving”

With three locations that stay open until 3 a.m., La Victoria Taqueria (aka, La Vic’s) and its famous orange sauce are your friend. Choose from regular nachos, super nachos, and super nacho fries.


Good Karma’s Knife and Fork Nachos feature melted vegan cheese, black beans, fermented corn + red salsas, and chickpea crema. Pro Tip: Get a slice of vegan Mayan Chocolate Pie for dessert.

Best all around

We’re giving this ranking to Taqueria El Coral for its solid portion size, wide variety of protein choices, substantial topping roundup, and bang for your buck — and, of course, how tasty they are.

Everyone has their own (strong) opinions about nachos, so maybe you disagree with us. If we missed a spot and it put a chip on your shoulder, let us know.

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