Answered: Your memories of Fry’s Electronics

Fry’s Electronics, the quirky, now-defunct big-box retailer finds new life in the hearts and memories of SJtoday readers + followers.

The front of a big beige Fry's Electronics building. The store's logo is red, sitting in the middle of a dark green waveform. The doors are open, and it appears lively.

Fry’s Electronics store in Sunnyvale, California in 2019, prior to the store’s closure

Image by Google Maps

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Fry’s Electronics was one of the quirkiest big-box retailers on the West Coast.

And when the business collapsed in 2021, it left behind not just bizarre architecture, but also fond memories in the hearts and minds of SJtoday readers + followers.

From the architecture to the experience, here’s what you had to say:

The food

“I miss Fry’s! When I became an adult, Fry’s was that ‘playground’ for me… roaming around looking at cool tech, looking at discount bins, etc. It was a place me and my coworkers used to go for lunch to decompress a little and hang out.” - J.C.

“I remember eating lunch at the Fremont one when I was little and always admiring the Tesla coil” - @lilianna.mndz

“My ex-boyfriend used to work there, and I remember loving the pastrami sandwiches they had from their deli. My ex would pack so much meat on the sandwiches. Very delicious Sammies!” - Kristine E.

The fun

“Dude I miss Fry’s, it was a gamer PC paradise😢" - @sabermyke

“It was fun just to walk the aisles.” - David B.

“I have so many memories in Fry’s, it was such a treat as a kid to go there 😂 we went there just for fun” - @erica.lizarrago

“Frys was the best back in its day” -

The escalator

“I remember that escalator” - @jessevjames

“After watching ‘The Mummy’ as a kid this place scared me, but I loved the escalator!” - @kira.m.boyer

Do you have any fond memories of Fry’s Electronics? Let us know.

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