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🎸 Pick it up: San Jose band’s favorite things
Voluntary Hazing, a Ska Band, does various poses with their instruments in a San Jose garage.
Most members of Voluntary Hazing met while they performed for San Jose State’s marching band. | Photo courtesy Voluntary Hazing.
San Jose’s population is currently ~980,000 people, which means that there’s nearly 980,000 different perspectives on what makes San Jo such a fantastic city.

In our new series, 5 minute pitch, we’ll spend five minutes with random San Joseans — from local bands, organizations, and other movers + shakers, to every day South Bay residents like yourself — to get an on-the-ground take on the best our city has to offer.

We’re starting things off on a brisk night outside the Caravan Lounge, where City Editor Gregg caught up with San Jose emo ska band Voluntary Hazing. Specifically, Kayla (singer, guitarist), Thomas (saxophone), and Alex (drums).

A band plays on the small stage of Art Boutiki.

Voluntary Hazing performs at Art Boutiki music hall to a packed crowd.


Photo by SJtoday staff

Q: Where’s your go-to for birria tacos in San Jose?

Kayla: I really love Cajeta at Camino Brewing; we’ve played there a few times, and they are so good. We get so excited for those shows… one, they’re fun to play, but also the tacos.
Thomas: I gotta double-down on that one. Those tacos are pretty fire.
Alex: Yeah, they’re so good. Goes well with their beer.

Q: Where’s your favorite place to perform in San Jose?

Kayla: Each place has it’s own thing going on. For just the sound quality, I’d say Art Boutiki is my favorite in San Jose. Camino’s great for the vibes. Caravan’s great for the party — like, let’s all gather around and be really close — it doesn’t get more personal than that.
Thomas: Yeah that’s kinda my vibe. I like the sets we play in a really small venue where everyone is pushed up to the front. It really builds up the energy, and it’s super fun.
Alex: I’m not going to lie, playing The Ritz was really cool. They have a big stage, and it feels like ‘yeah, I made it!’ but Caravan’s where family and friends are.

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How do you feel about being a Sharks fan?

A. Win or lose, they’re still my team.
B. The games are becoming less bearable to watch.
C. I just hope next year’s better.
Wednesday, Nov. 15
  • SJSU Dept. of Film & Theatre Presents: “The Addams Family” | Through Sunday, Nov. 19 | Times vary | Hammer Theatre, Sobrato Auditorium, 101 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose | $10-$20 | What this theatrical comedy about the creepy and kooky Addams Family.
  • “The Barber of Seville” | Through Sunday, Nov. 26 | Times vary | California Theatre, 345 S. First St., San Jose | $55-$195 | This perennial favorite tells the story of barber Figaro and his quest to ensure true love wins.
Thursday, Nov. 16
  • LGBTQ+ Holiday Mixer | Thursday, Nov. 16 | 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Haberdasher, 43 W. San Salvador St., San Jose | Free | Network with the LGBTQ+ community and enjoy craft cocktails.
  • San Jose Sharks vs. St. Louis Blues | Thursday, Nov. 16 | 7:30 p.m. | SAP Center, 525 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose | $19-$434 | After a loss to the Anaheim Ducks earlier in the week, the Sharks hope to bounce back against the Blues.
Friday, Nov. 17
  • Elf In Concert | Friday, Nov. 17-Saturday, Nov. 18 | 7 p.m. | San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, 255 S. Almaden Blvd., San Jose | $49-$74 | Experience the festive fusion of sight and symphony in a heartwarming celebration of the beloved classic, “Elf.”
  • San Jose Barracuda vs. Colorado Eagles | Friday, Nov. 17 | 7 p.m. | Tech CU Arena, 1500 S. Tenth St., San Jose | $13-$62 | The San Jose Barracuda take on the Colorado Eagles for a two-night homestand.
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News Notes
  • A commercial complex in San Jose’s Little Saigon district may soon become a medical facility for seniors, pending city planner approval this week. The nonprofit who purchased the building, Northeast Medical Services, specializes in custom-tailored elder care for older adults with chronic health needs. The timeline for the project is unclear. (The Mercury News)
Real Estate
  • High interest rates in 2024 could lead to an increase in rental prices. Santa Clara County’s average rent dropped 1% in 2023 (from $2,940 to $2,925/mo.), but analysts say increases in mortgage rates + decreases in inventory could drive up the cost of the average apartment in 2024. (The Mercury News)
  • Strike Brewing Company will be holding a closing celebration at their Campbell location this Saturday, Nov. 18, 2-8 p.m. The brewery previously announced the location’s permanent closure earlier this month. Strike’s South 10th Street taproom in downtown San Jose will remain open.
  • Having difficulty finding the paws-itively perfect name for your pet? Rover released their 11th annual “Most Popular Pet Names” report. In San Jose, names like “Miso,” “Milo,” “Angel,” and “Barracuda” have leaped in popularity. “Shark” saw an increase in popularity, but that could change depending on the team’s performance this season. (KRON4)
  • San Jose + Valley Water officials are asking for your help to prevent floods. While no major flooding is expected, the agencies want you to dial 311 to report any street drain backup, or visit Valley Water’s flooding and safety website. (NBC Bay Area)
  • Say goodbye to fillers and weird ingredients in your dog’s food. Get 50% off your pup’s first order of Nom Nom for fresh, recognizable ingredients they’ll love.*
Your memories of Fry’s Electronics
The front of a big beige Fry's Electronics building. The store's logo is red, sitting in the middle of a dark green waveform. The doors are open, and it appears lively.
Fry’s Electronics store in Sunnyvale, California in 2019, prior to the store’s closure | Image by Google Maps
When Fry’s Electronics collapsed in 2021, it left behind not just bizarre architecture, but fond memories in the hearts and minds of SJtoday readers + followers.

Here’s what you had to say:

The food

“I miss Fry’s! It was a place me and my coworkers used to go for lunch to decompress a little + hang out.” - J.C.

“I remember eating lunch at the Fremont one when I was little and admiring the Tesla coil.” - @lilianna.mndz

The fun

“It was fun just to walk the aisles.” - David B.

“I have so many memories in Fry’s, it was such a treat as a kid to go there 😂 we went there just for fun.” - @erica.lizarrago

The escalator

“I remember that escalator.” - @jessevjames

“After watching ‘The Mummy’ as a kid this place scared me, but I loved the escalator!” - @kira.m.boyer

Do you have any Fry’s memories? Let us know.
The Buy
The cutest to-go containers to make sure everyone walks away with leftovers this Thanksgiving. Pro tip: Remove the lid and heat them right in the oven.
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The Wrap
Gregg Aronica.png Today’s edition by:
From the editor
In case you had any doubt the universe works in mysterious ways, Mirriam-Webster released a new tool that allows you to see what words were first used in print the year you were born. The top three for my birth year: Steampunk, Dad Jokes, Messenger Bags (naturally).
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