Top Cajun seafood boils in San Jose, CA

From the best deals to the tastiest sauce, here are the top Cajun seafood boil spots in San Jose, CA.

A seafood boil in a bowl.

It’s okay if you want to be a little shell-fish + have a bowl to yourself.

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Get your bibs + gloves, and let’s get crackin’.

Though Cajun seafood boils have its origins in Louisiana, San Jose has its own fair share of shrimp-ly great seafood boils. 🦐

Traditionally, a Cajun seafood boil is when various shellfish — including crab, shrimp, lobster, crawfish, mussels, clams — are boiled together in a pot + served either straight on the table or in a communal bowl or bag.

So, if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, here are four of the best spots to get Cajun seafood boils in San Jose.

🦀 Best deal

Cajun Crack’n | Multiple locations
Enjoy heaping bags of mussels, clams, and crab without hurting your wallet. Their $50+ combo specials include over five pounds of seafood + three different sides — which can feed a hungry pair, up to a family of four.

🦀 Best fusion

The Crab Bay | 3210 S. White Rd.
Explore a range of Cajun + Asian flavors in its menu — like the savory Cajun garlic shrimp fried rice. Pssst... the unique cocktails are in on the fusion fun too — we recommend the sake margarita or the soju mojito.

An overhead shot of a spread of garlic noodles, rice, seafood boil, and fries.

Is your mouth watering yet?

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🦀 Best side dishes

Claw Shack | 1696 Berryessa Rd.
Along with mouth-watering seafood boils, the buttery garlic noodles are a fan favorite. We also recommend trying the chicken wings with lemon pepper seasoning, and (if you’re not sick of garlic) the honey garlic sauce.

🦀 Best sauce

Cajun Bistro 7 | 3005 Silver Creek Rd.
This hidden gem, located in a small strip mall in East San Jose, boasts three tasty sauces to douse your seafood in — but the Sweet California is our favorite. The garlicky, buttery, and sweet sauce will surely have you hooked — and taking some to-go.

Did we miss your favorite spot? Share your recommendation with us.

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