New e-scooter launches in San Jose, CA

Meet the newest addition to a growing fleet of e-scooter shares.

A line of four e-scooters parked on the sidewalk near an intersection.

Meet Veo, the new wheels on the block.

Photo by SJtoday staff

Most San Joseans have gotten used to seeing Lime, Bird, and Bay Wheels sharing the road. E-scooters + bike shares are a trend that seem to be sticking around — and getting bigger. 📈

Meet Veo — the new, sustainability-driven e-scooter company that officially launched in San Jose in late August.

The seated Cosmo model allows riders a greater sense of control + stability, while also increasing accessibility for those who cannot stand for long periods. 🛵

Rides cost $1 to unlock + $0.39 per minute, but to celebrate the recent launch, San Joseans can get a $5 credit on the app through the end of September using the code: RIDESOBAY.

Another cool discount? Locals who receive federal, state, or city benefits may be eligible for the Veo Access Plan, which costs $5 per month. 💸

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